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We are Steward Community Woodland, known locally as Steward Wood – we’re a group of people who are living and working together and have been experimenting with permaculture food growing and land use, community dynamics, renewable energy and appropriate technology, building our own dwellings using low-impact materials, small-scale woodland management and experiential and home education

We live on 32 acres of plantation woodland on a steep hillside, located in the beautiful Wray Valley on the edge of Dartmoor. The community was founded in 2000 and is currently twelve adults and nine children. But, we’re facing eviction. Watch the film we’ve just made about it.

We need to raise £38,000 in order to mount an effective legal challenge to the latest local planning authority decision to refuse us permanent planning permission. As things stand, we face eviction and the destruction of our houses and the loss of a home for our families and our community – the thought of this is devastating: we are determined to challenge this decision as best we can, and that means hiring a fantastic legal team to fight our corner in April when the case will go before the Planning Committee. Sadly, planning lawyers don’t come cheap and preparing the best case for us is a massive amount of work, but our future as a community and as individuals and families hinges on this legal challenge. We need all the help we can get.

And so, we’re running a crowdfunding campaign from 23rd February 2016 to raise the funds required – please help us if you can by:

  • supporting the crowdfunder financially – see the page for details of our varied and extraordinary perks!
  • spreading the word about the crowdfunder, both here in virtual reality and back in the real world too
  • writing an article or post about what we’re up to and the challenge we’re facing. You can email us at with anything that we might be able to use for this blog, such as if you’ve been to visit us and took some photos, or you have a few words about your time here.

This site is where we’ll be posting about our fantastic rewards for supporting us, background to our case, interesting links to other projects, and a whole host of great content from community members… Make sure you’re on the mailing list, and linked on facebook and twitter to keep up to date with the campaign as it starts…

Thank you for visiting our campaign website! And please, please spread the word and support us if you can – we cannot do this alone!

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