Making fire – using the bow drill


Today, Ollie and Lorna show us how to make fire using the ancient bow drill method. You can get your own bow drill kit, made from materials from Steward Wood, over in the crowdfunder, or get a place on one of their courses, if you’re quick…

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Bow Drill is one of the many ancient methods of making fire by friction. Used by our ancestors and contemporary hunter-gatherers this primitive technology is an invaluable skill if you want to make fire the natural way. The materials for our kits have been lovingly gathered from our trees at Steward Wood and handcrafted for you by community members Ollie and Lorna. Each kit is made up of a bow, hearthboard, spindle, handhold, welcome mat, tinder and hand written instructions. Experience the magic of really making fire for the first time for yourself, or come on one of our courses!

More details on the crowdfunding page

Please watch the video for a demonstration of the technique by Ollie and Lorna in the woods.

Remember, you can watch our film and read all about our project and the current situation over here at the crowdfunder page. For more about this part of the campaign to save our community and homes, read this blog post.

Thank you for your continuing interest and support – together, we can make an amazing breakthrough for low-impact living in the UK!

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