Nettle-infused cider vinegar

Today’s post is a simple recipe for you from Sonny – just in time for the young nettles of Spring!

Nettle-infused Cider vinegar

Nettles infusing in cider vinegar

Cram your spring nettles into a jar and cover with live, organic cider vinegar. Leave in a cool place out of direct sun light … After a few days the nettles will have reduced down and you can add more nettles.

Repeat as much as you like to make your vinegar tincture good and strong.

After 3-4 weeks Filter the vinegar through a sieve and feed the nettles to the compost heap. Take 2 table spoons 3 times a day in half a pint water for a spring cleanser and vitamin and mineral boost! In-Joy!! x Oh and this elixir will last for a year or more!

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