We’re taking a break from our community posts today – there’s a lot going on in the woods, with a flurry of media attention of various kinds in the last few days. Today we have TV crews; yesterday and the day before, the papers were here, first local and then national… It’s all happening and it is having a hugely beneficial effect on our campaign, so today’s post is a quick round up of where we’re at.

The Guardian

This article in The Guardian is our favourite by far – we were very impressed with the professionalism and care of both writer, Steven Morris and photographer, Jim Wileman. Thanks! In case you haven’t seen it, do click on the lovely picture of Jim’s below to read it.


There are also articles in more local press and in the Daily Mail (!) – we’re expecting more, so if you see any, do let us know in the comments below. It’s hard to keep up.

Crowdfunder progress…

In other (massive!) news…

This was the total of the crowdfunding campaign yesterday morning:


Very healthy indeed! But, this was the total this morning:


Yes, that’s right – we are less than £5,000 short of our initial funding target! We really can barely believe our eyes! It really is quite impossible to describe how it feels to be this close already, and to feel the support of so many people both locally and around the world. Together, we can challenge these aspects of a planning system that is not working for the true benefit of either the land or wildlife or the people who live here.

We are truly humbled. Thank you so much!

Remember, you can watch our new film and read all about our project and the current situation over here at the crowdfunder page.

Thank you for your continuing interest and support – we cannot do it without you!


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  1. Amazing progress! You’re certainly getting the word out about a better way to live and you all deserve all the support and success you achieve! Keep up the great work!

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