Praise the lawyers!


Today’s post is from Daniel – some people might wonder why we need lawyers, or what they do. In this post, Daniel explains why he believes they’re essential to our success!

Our lawyers are lovely people doing a difficult job that we couldn’t possibly do anything like as well. I don’t begrudge the fees that we are paying them at all and they are generously giving us quite a discount on what they would normally charge. So Praise the Lawyers!

I always feel so grateful that they can put our case into the legal language and structure that is necessary for this process. David Stephens, the senior lawyer, will be our advocate at the Public Inquiry (which is similar to a trial with each side calling witnesses and a Planning Inspector presiding). David did this for us at both our previous public inquiries when we were successful in gaining five year temporary planning permissions each time. In addition, he has acted for two other low impact living projects at inquiries, Tinkers Bubble in Somerset and LandMatters in Devon (both run by friends of ours). So he is the best lawyer in the country (in my view) to be our advocate in our quest for permanent planning permission.


There is only one other low impact project in the country that has been granted permanent permission (as opposed to temporary permission), namely Kings Hill in Somerset. It was a surprise as they were applying for temporary permission at the time but the Planning Inspector felt they had proved the value of the project and decided to give them permanent permission.

David Stephens is ably assisted by Laila Jhaveri, who is in fact doing most of the work on the case running up to the Inquiry and will attend the Inquiry with David. Laila visited us at Steward Wood in December and has a genuine interest in what we’re doing and concern to achieve a successful outcome.

I feel we are blessed to have these marvellous people working for us so once again I say:

Praise the Lawyers!

Remember, you can watch our new film and read all about our project and the current situation over here at the crowdfunder page.

Thank you for your continuing interest and support – we cannot do it without you!

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