Save Steward Wood – part two


Last week was a whirlwind. The degree of media attention (not to mention press cameras) that we experienced was overwhelming, and the fact that we reached our first target of £38,000 in the crowdfunder caught us drop-jawed and amazed. We’ve taken stock this weekend and after all the high drama, are back to the business of trying to save our community from eviction, to save our homes and this existence on the land we own and love.

We’re looking at the bigger picture now. The legal fees for expert representation at the appeal to the Planning Inspectorate are now safe, thanks to you all. This is amazing, but only one part of the story. We’re convinced of the strength of our case, and are working non-stop at the moment to ensure that everything is presented as well as it can be.

But, we are realists as well as dreamers – we know that the forces we’re up against are powerful and have resources far beyond our own. We need to think about what will happen if our appeal fails. It’s a reality that could still well happen, for all the massive support that’s being shown to us from around the world. So, now we need to make sure that we’re in a position to respond and move forward WHATEVER happens.

Funds raised from now on are going into what we’re calling the Campaign Fund. If the appeal fails, we’ll need money behind us. If the appeal is successful, then the Campaign Fund can go towards putting in place some of the things we’ve planned, such as the MoreFood local growing project we outlined briefly on Friday.

So, we still need your support. This really is just the beginning. Please keep spreading the word and contributing to the campaign fund. We’ll be posting more ways that you can help us over the next days and weeks. And rest assured that not a penny will be wasted – together we can ensure that Steward Community Woodland is preserved not only for us, but as part of a common treasury for all…



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  1. I am so glad I stumbled upon the article about you in the Guardian. The film was a breath of fresh, fragrant air. I keep watching it as I find it beautiful, uplifting and hopeful.
    Knowing that you exist the way you exist fills me with hope and a sense of expansion.
    I will keep watching and keep supporting. And I wish you all well, for all of our sakes.

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