How to build a home…

Today, Mel takes us on a photo journey through the house build that she and her family have undertaken in the woods…

We moved to Steward Community Woodland 10 years ago with our young son, and built a low impact structure intended to last 5 years or so. Nine years and two more children later, the time came to rebuild. As we were applying for planning permission that year, we decided to move location a little further down the hill (below the water line!) and rebuild a home from the timber around us. Using a mobile saw mill to plank up some of our Douglas Fir and Larch trees, we were able to make a start.

Our chosen location
Our chosen location

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Making fire – using the bow drill

Today, Ollie and Lorna show us how to make fire using the ancient bow drill method. You can get your own bow drill kit, made from materials from Steward Wood, over in the crowdfunder, or get a place on one of their courses, if you’re quick…

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Living off-grid – the dark times

Today, we’re returning to blog posts from the community. We want to show you how it is to live off-grid – the highs and lows and the unexpected joys and frustrations. Today’s post is from Mel, who featured as the main voice in the Save Steward Wood film.

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