Merlin writes in Permaculture magazine

Today, we’re just directing you over to Permaculture magazine, where an article by our Merlin from a few years ago is still making waves…

Building your own renewable energy systems from recycled materials

Merlin Howse of Steward Community Woodland describes how a low impact, sustainable community in a Devon woodland generates its own power…

pelton-wheelYou can read the full article here or by clicking on the picture above…

Remember, you can watch our film and read all about our project and the current situation over here at the crowdfunder page. For more about this part of the campaign to save our community and homes, read this blog post.

Thank you for your continuing interest and support – together, we can make an amazing breakthrough for low-impact living in the UK!

Living off-grid – the dark times

Today, we’re returning to blog posts from the community. We want to show you how it is to live off-grid – the highs and lows and the unexpected joys and frustrations. Today’s post is from Mel, who featured as the main voice in the Save Steward Wood film.

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