The Save Steward Wood film!


Today sees the launch of the crowdfunder part of our campaign to save our community. It’s a big day, and the end of one huge piece of work and the beginning of the next.

Over the next 40 days, we’ll be aiming to put up a blog-post just about every day giving you a range of insights into how we live, and why we do it this way, and what we’re interested in. Our hope is that by letting you see what our community is like, you’ll be inspired not only to support our fundraising effort by helping financially and spreading the word, but also that you’ll see that we’re people just like you, doing work, raising families, struggling with many of the same issues and the same dilemmas about how to live sanely and well in the 21st century. If you’d like to know more about what we do by coming to visit, please get in touch – we have regular open days for volunteers, as well as running a whole range of courses aimed at sharing the skills we have between us.

You can live the way you believe life should be lived – it isn’t easy, and you may come face to face with the madness of these times, but it’ll fire your soul and keep your heart alive. We recommend it, wherever that means you have to begin!

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