The Joy of Spring


In today’s post, Lorna shares her love of Spring and the season of planting and gathering and green things…

Spring is well on it’s way here in the woods – the snowdrops are out in full bloom, celandines, cleavers, nettles and wild garlic are waking from their winter dream, our resident ravens are nesting and the sap is rising all around. After the long cold winter the onset of spring to me and many inhabitants of the woodland means only one thing:



Growing and gathering your own food is one of the best ways of connecting to yourself and the nature around you, from clearing to composting, pruning to planting, foraging to feasting, the joy of providing your own food is never ending. We grow all sorts of food here at the woods in our vegetable patch and forest garden and we are so lucky to have all the wild food that the forest provides.


But you don’t have to live in a woodland to grow or gather your own food.  As someone once told me: In the spring, by the end of the day, everybody’s hands should smell of the earth… So take a walk along the hedgerow and see what you can find, turn your lawn into vegetable beds, make a window box for herbs, grow leeks in buckets and flowers in old wellington boots.


Go on, try it, it’s much more fun than the supermarket!

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